(That's my favorite way to greet my people when I'm really excited to see them!)
I'm Haley B and I'm a photographer. And a wife. And a mom. And a friend. And a sister. And a daughter. I have an amazing husband who loves me no matter what and three awesome kids that never stop teaching me that I have a lot to learn!  I started my photography business in 2007, soon after my first daughter was born.
My love for pictures and memories inspried me to become a photographer. My business does not define me but it is a big part of my life! I love love love being around people and trying new things! Putting those together, coupled with creativity and a camera is what really got my business going!
It has been a journey, to say the least but I love where photography has taken me, who I have gotten to meet along the way and friends I have made!  I love that I have been able to capture some pretty special moments for people and document those moments into memories. 
Here's to always learning, growing and making more memories!  
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